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Outplacement & Career Coaching

Outplacement is the orderly and humane process of transitioning employees to the "right job".  Separated executives and other employees assess their strengths, determine career objectives and create a transition marketing plan to locate the best possible position.
Benefits to the Corporation
Improved productivity for surviving employees
Reduced stress on the terminating manager
Reduced chance of litigation
Improved staff utilization
Benefits to the Employee
Assess skills, interests and life balance issues
Provides focus towards the future
Achievement of the best possible new position
Negotiation of the best starting compensation package
Pre-termination involvement with the Corporation ensures:
Consistency in implementation of employee terminations
Input and counsel on constructing the severance package
Dignified departure with continuing support
Drafting separation announcement and communication
Reduced likelihood of litigation and workplace violence
Improved morale of surviving employees

Executive Success Career Transition Program
Success in making a career transition is largely dependent upon developing or enhancing certain skills and developing a systematic approach to present the executive's capabilities in a positive manner.  In this process, each executive carefully analyzes his or her abilities, learns how to approach contacts and develops skills required to present each executive's accomplishments and capabilities in an effective manner.  This one-on-one program is composed of the major phases described below.


Preliminary Meetings
Our representative meets with the key people involved in the termination to support them in the process.  The manager is thoroughly coached on conducting the termination, including techniques to handle it quickly and effectively. Immediately following the termination, each candidate is met with to:  (1) assist in handling the emotional impact, and (2) obtain information about the candidate, and (3) explain the outplacement program and support provided by the company.

Background Development
Candidates are asked to develop lists of professional achievements.  This homework assignment defines important facets of the candidate's professional background, and creates the basis for developing the career transition plan.

Career Analysis

Skills, Knowledge and Interest Analysis
The consultant conducts an in-depth examination of the candidate's skills and abilities, identifying those that are the most marketable.  Skills, personality and vocational interests are measured through various instruments and analyzed by our staff professionals.

Objectives and Alternatives
The candidate is supported and assisted in establishing transition goals, analyzing accomplishments, identifying job satisfaction factors, and clarifying interests.  Specific industries and organizations are targeted.

The Presentation and Resume
Utilizing the information above, we help the candidate in the development of a presentation for the "outside world".  A part of the presentation is a resume designed to help the candidate network, get job interviews and be successful in those interviews. The networking approach, two-minute pitch, resume and cover letters are developed to present the candidate in a positive manner.

The candidate's interviewing skills are polished using video tape feedback.  Candidates are prepared for specific interviews by the consultant who helps facilitate the candidate's preparation for a specific interview.

Action Plan
The plan lays out and schedules specific steps and actions items to provide a systematic approach, directing and controlling the transition campaign.  The plan is reviewed frequently with the consultant.

Ongoing Support

The candidate is furnished with private office space and phone, as well as complete secretarial service including letter typing and mailing, a research library including video taped programs, and video taping practice interview sessions.

Ongoing consultation, evaluation and critique of progress for the length of the program is provided by our counselor.

Technology - OI Solutions

Advanced, state of the art technology to assist in research to identify targeted companies, thoroughly explore prospective industries, locate executive recruiters specializing in certain fields or industries and to do research on a specific company.  


Evaluation of Offers
Candidate’s interests are compared to the corporate environment and culture to ensure a good "fit".  The total compensation package including bonuses, stock options, incentive plans, deferred compensation and benefits are analyzed and discussed with the candidate prior to acceptance of an offer.

Group Meetings
Group meetings with other candidates are conducted to discuss ideas, challenges, hear topical speakers, or for general brainstorming and mutual support.

Reports are made to the client company monthly, or more frequently as requested.  These reports update the client on the candidate's activity level and progress.

CoManaged Individual SystemTM

We are pleased to introduce our CoManagedTM program, a cafeteria style program providing the candidate and the consultant to jointly determine the best selection of services that meet the candidate's specific needs.  These programs are equally effective whether the candidate conducts a job search, launches an entrepreneurial venture, or transitions into retirement.  The candidates "service units" will enable them to design a program from a menu of program services that include:

Core Services
Initial in-depth interview, the PowerSearchTM system, Myers Briggs Type Indicator administration and feedback, camera ready resume and 100 copies, access to our print library and A/V materials, seminars and the O.I. Opportunity Banks of positions available.  Charged at 30 service units.

Individual Counseling
Counseling sessions focus on the basics of job search, self-employment or retirement, with continued coaching and support during plan implementation.  Charged in 20-minute increments; one hour is equal to 3 service units.

Office Use
Office use and administrative services, including work space, routine word processing, telephone, fax computer and library access.  Charged in half-day increments; up to 4 hours of office use is equal to 1 service unit.

Research Services
On-line database searching by a professional information specialist to identify target employers, recruiters and networking contacts.  Searches also provide in-depth backgrounds on employers, preparing candidates for interviews.  Charged per request based on depth and complexity of the search service.

Application and interpretation of aptitude, interest, value and/or personality type assessment instruments.  Charged as a package of 12 service units.

Word Processing
Secretarial service for special word processing projects such as merged mailings, documents and applications.  A one-hour special word processing project is equal to 1 service unit.

Special Services
Financial counseling and spousal support are some of the special services we can arrange for the candidate.  Service units charged will vary based on the depth and complexity of the service.

Outplacement & Career Management  Recruitment Services Coaching
Outsourced HR  Bios  Training & Development Locations