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The McGuire Group's senior human resources executives have over 100 years of combined human resources training, development, and consulting experience in Fortune 500 companies.  Through our programs such as Sexual Harassment Prevention, Managing Organizational Change, Effective Interviewing, Basic Supervisory Skills, and Diversity Awareness, we have provided client companies the tools required to deal with today's fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment.  Programs are customized to fit each client's requirements.

In today's business environment, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and changes in operations have become an every day occurrence.  Productivity can suffer as a result of changes that have occurred, are occurring or are anticipated by the employees.  Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.  This presents a major challenge to management.

This program gives employees an opportunity to explore their own feelings about changes at work.  Employee feelings are "legitimized", freeing them to develop the skills and behaviors required to cope effectively in rapidly changing work settings.  The program is especially effective following downsizing, restructuring or to facilitate new organizational relationships.

Employees develop insight into how their own coping mechanisms may be preventing them from effectively dealing with change.  Tools for dealing with the change process are provided.  Participants will develop steps that they can take as members of an organization to assist the change process.

The program is designed for employees at all levels within the organization.  It offers a safe forum in which employees may discuss personal views of the change process.  It allows the organization to develop a partnership with the employee as the new organization is implemented.

Our Sexual Harassment Prevention program discusses the laws and policies that govern sexual harassment in the workplace, methods for determining the difference between friendly behavior and behavior that constitutes sexual harassment, as well as methods for resolving sexual harassment incidents.

In the program, the distinction between "Quid Pro Quo" and "Hostile Environment" sexual harassment is presented.  The varying types of liability to harassers and to the company, including managerial responsibility, are discussed. The concept of intention versus consequence is critical for your employees to understand; therefore, there is considerable time spent on this subject with examples provided.  Managers are trained in their responsibility to deal with sexual harassment issues including the investigation process and steps that must be taken.  Interactive exercises that encourage participation and increase understanding are a part of the training process.

Organizations promote their best and most capable employees into supervisory positions.  Frequently, this occurs without giving them the skills required to ease the transition and ensure success.  This program provides an interactive forum within which high performing employees who have become or will become supervisors are provided the tools, skills, and knowledge to support their new roles.

The Program has four modules presented in separate four-hour sessions.

Communications I
Creating an environment supportive of good listening.  Getting your message across without the need for repetition.  Barriers to effective listening.  Using employee feedback to gather facts and uncover problem areas.

Communications II
Giving instruction in a logical sequence.  Implementing company policies and rules, defining problems and setting objectives.

What motivates people to work?  Coaching skill development.  Effective delegation.

Types of discipline and how to implement.  Consistent enforcement in a fair and equitable manner.  Supervisory follow-up: observing, commending, rating, or retraining.

Recruiting and hiring the right person for the job is not an easy task.  Hiring "mistakes" are extremely costly, and dramatically lower productivity.  Many hiring managers do not identify selection criteria important in the selection a successful candidate before the interview.  Most managers do not know how to acquire this information in an interview.

This program develops within each hiring manager an appreciation for the importance of profiling each job vacancy to define the behavioral characteristics as well as the technical criteria that predict success on the job.  Participants learn techniques to easily identify and define selection criteria.  Truly effective interviewing styles are developed.  Managers learn techniques to develop the types of questions that will generate the information, and insight necessary to select the candidate that is the best fit for the job.

The program is participatory, involving managers in role playing interviews, developing behavioral questions, interpreting the results of the interview, and assessing "candidates".  Materials include legal guidelines, interviewing tips, a form that may be used for reference checking, and a sample interview rating sheet that balances behavioral and technical criteria.

Program length varies with program complexity and content.

Our workplace is a reflection of the rich diversity of the communities in which we live.  It is critical for an organization and its members, both from an interpersonal and business point of view, to appreciate and value what each person brings to the table.  Pre-conceived ideas regarding differences among people have an adverse impact on business performance and can interfere with our ability to evaluate people, assess situations and size up markets.  When people are mentally placed into categories based on pre-conceived notions and stereotypes, morale declines, creativity is lost and opportunities are missed.

Diversity training broadens understanding of the subject and its implications on the workforce.  The program provides strategies, tools, and action plans for your employees to take back to the job and implement, enabling them to work more effectively within a diverse workforce.  This goes beyond awareness, emphasizing behavioral changes.

Consultants are available to conduct on-site reviews to identify cultural, ethnic, or gender based issues that may be limiting productivity and may unknowingly be preventing your workforce from attaining excellence.

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